Modernised Learning with Novaheal


Nowadays, learning with books is a bit outdated, and Novaheal has set itself the goal of digitally accompanying nursing education throughout its entire course with helpful functions.We worked with them to develop a quiz function to make memorizing content easier.First, we thought about what format we wanted to use to implement this, and the decision was made to go with something similar to the classic driving school apps.Then we developed a first design sketch, improved it and finally implemented it.


At the end of the project phase, we had a working test version of our application, which includes a frontend with multiple pages in a modern design and also a few simulated questions. However, the frontend and backend are not connected to each other, so the points achieved by a participant are not yet stored decentrally.
Because of that, at this point, our application only works locally, either in the browser of a smartphone, laptop, or a tablet.

The team

Jan-Philipp Köning Web Development (LinkedIn)
Linda Schinkels Web Development (LinkedIn)
Jonas Knapstein Web Development
Lennart Dammer Web Development
Abdul Latif Turaan Web Development

Roles inside the team

While Jonas, Linda and Abdul were responsible for the frontend, Jan-Philipp and Lennart took care of the backend.
Linda mainly took over project management tasks in the team along with Jan-Philipp. In addition, she helped drive the content and design concept of the quiz and acted as the main person responsible for pitching the results of the project.
Jonas was mainly responsible for implementing the frontend.
Lennart primarily took care of implementing the backend and the database.


Richard Menning



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